Innovation to serve immersion

BIGGER INSIDE has dedicated 5 years of R&D to provide your customers with a unique gaming experience and an unrivaled feeling of presence.


Our precept: "Any cognitive dissonance you will suppress! »

The eXosuit offers a total embodiment of the avatar

With the eXosuit, we offer a physical body to the players.

Gone are the hands that float in space and the absence of feet.

Data fusion with Microsoft's inside out positional tracking technology
Autonomous motion sensor attached to each articulated limb
eXogloves for motion sensing of each finger
8 players can equip simultaneously in less than 7 min thanks to the ergonomic design
Fluid and faithful reproduction of movements by the avatar without any latency.
Total freedom of movement: running, crouching, jumping, everything becomes possible ...
All movements are transmitted instantly to be visible to other players and spectators

The mixed reality gaming arena

The walls have a reassuring aspect for the players in the mixed reality experience: they can touch them; what they see is actually present in the space. The brain no longer asks questions, the feeling of immersion is total.

To achieve this solution, BIGGER INSIDE has developed a suite of proprietary software tools that allow to quickly create a new installation, while adapting to the architectural constraints of the room.

Our arena building modules

Building module

The game level construction module allows you to adapt the virtual scenery to the arena, and not the other way around. This allows us to adapt to the constraints of the building and not impose a square or rectangular arena.

Modelling module

The modeling module allows the measurement and the 3D reproduction of the raw walls of a real 200m² arena in less than 3 hours..

Accuracy of the position of the virtual walls compared to the real ones of +/- 1cm.

The VR gear

To deliver the best to you and your customers, BIGGER INSIDE works exclusively with top quality equipment.

We put at your disposal the most robust and high-performance equipment on the market, with an HP Care pack guarantee, dedicated to professionals.

HP Reverb G2 VR headset

  • The virtual reality headset with the highest resolution on market for an absolute immersion
  • Ultra sharp 9.3 Mpixels definition (2.5x more than the Oculus Rift S)
  • 110 ° field of view
  • Integrated headphones with audio focusing system
  • Mechanical interpupillary adjustment
  • 4 cameras for a better positional tracking

HP-Z-VR Backpack PC

Players can move freely with this Backpack-type HP-Z-VR PC.

Foolproof strength for this material to military standards.

Ultra-fast battery change for ease of operation.

This backpack PC, the most powerful on the market, features a Geforce 2080 RTX and an Intel Core I7 processor for uncompromising graphics rendering in VR