The most advanced virtual reality sensory immersion experience available on the market.

Our exclusive technology allows players to literally embody their avatar from head to toe by way of each finger of the hand. They move freely (free roaming) and naturally in a mixed reality arena with tangible scenery.

A premium solution dedicated to location based entertainment

Our business model paired with our financing solutions are adapted to the investment capacities of all leisure venues. Increase the average basket while sparing your treasury.

Our arena creation tools are intrinsically compatible with existing laser tag maze and adapt to existing rooms with different surfaces and shapes.

A way to increase customer attractiveness and loyalty

Propose to your customers to live a unique experience in the world that will incite them to get out of the comfort of their sofa and stay longer to share the best moments of their game, accessible by replay in the restaurant area.

Stimulate the desire to come back thanks to the variety of avatars, the competitive aspect of the game and the different modes available.

Our game : PROTOCOL 223

The fusion between esport & traditional sport

Protocol 223 is physically engaging, the player moves quickly and unleashes their avatar's superpowers through their body movements. This is a competitive team game up to 4 VS 4 players (PvP), so its replayability is endless. Your customers will want to try out all 4 unique avatars, and all three game modes. Future game modes, backgrounds, and avatars will be made available free of charge as in any game as a service.

An ideal activity for groups and team building

Whether your customers are 3 or 7, there is a game mode to suit every situation, and their ability to collaborate among teammates will be the key to victory. Ideal for working on team cohesion and cooperation.

Suitable for all audiences !

In Protocol 223 there are no physical weapons in the player's hands, no zombies or hemoglobin. You don't have to be a gamer to master your avatar either, the body is the controller. Everyone will find his groove from 13 years old and up, from the casual gamer to the fierce competitor.

"The epicenter of VR e-sport is in Montpellier ..." want to go back very quickly
"New, unusual, captivating, immersive, crazy, there is no lack of superlatives"
"The immersion is perfect and the experience absolutely amazing"
"Technically, this is the most fluid experience we have tested"